Self-Love, Unconditional Love, and Your Business

Is it possible to talk about love and business in the same breath?

I experienced the expansiveness, trust, deep knowing, full embrace, total surrender and a touch of youthful willfulness as the expression of love when I connected with the “purpose” of my business and dive right into it.

For most entrepreneurs, at one point or another, we have fallen in love with the concept or idea behind our businesses. That’s why we started our businesses.

But for some, they fall out of love because they don’t feel the FIRE, or the excitement anymore. Or, maybe they get tired of working on their businesses and not seeing the return, aka, not being loved by their businesses.

Can we really LOVE our business unconditionally, and make a good profit?

Here are a few paragraphs I wrote on Self-Love:

“Self-love is more than what we “do” or “buy” for ourselves. It is not what you do but HOW you do it.

Self-love is attained out of total respect for ourselves and our purpose on Earth. Self-love is expansive, trusting and allowing ourselves to be embraced.

Self-love happens when we realize that we are here to create something bigger than ourselves; that we are a vessel or channel for something way more significant, and timeless.

Self-love happens when we recognize our life’s purpose and know that we have to take extreme care of ourselves so we can be our best to be of service – because our existence is about something way more than our own body, mind and spirit.”

Self-love is inspired by knowing your purpose, nailing your message and realizing that you are a critical piece of this puzzle.

Rainbows and unicorn? Nah, we don’t do vague here.

I believe if we pour our heart and soul into our business, and have the courage to BE our truth – i.e. loving our business unconditionally – we will be generously rewarded.

So here is a piece on Unconditional Love:

“Loving unconditionally does not mean we don’t get rewarded or acknowledged. We are human, and we need to be seen and heard. If we keep giving without being acknowledged (or refusing to receive), it is not love – it is being a doormat.”

I believe it is very important for us to nail our message and find that unconditional love for our biz, so we can have the courage to put all of US in our businesses and out in the world.

When you are being all of YOU in your business, helping others with your expertise and superpowers, you will be handsomely rewarded and have your business LOVE YOU BACK.

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