What Is Your BIG Why?

With Valentine’s Day this coming weekend I have a couple of questions for you. Do you LOVE what you do? Are you fired up about Monday mornings? Do you get so caught up in your work at times that you lose track of time?

I just love the video of my first event that my videographer put together for me! It makes me smile every single time I watch it. Why? Because I LOVE what I do and I think it shows in these pictures. In these photos, I see the community that I’m building, the connections that are being formed, knowledge being passed on and visions for building successful businesses being made. Being a business coach and someone who is just passionate about the importance of small business, knowing that I have a part in a movement to help expand and grow small business just makes my heart sing.

You see, what I do is connected to my WHY. My BIG WHY in business is to help support my community by helping small business owners who have big ideas take their ideas and build a profitable and successful business. Small business is this countries economic foundation and knowing I can be a small part in the puzzle that keeps small business going strong just fires me up!

So I ask you what is your WHY? If you do not feel connected to your WHY and feel as if you are not doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do, then I challenge you to get in touch with that would absolutely bring you joy. It might be that you just need to make a slight shift in your business to clearly align with your WHY or it may be time for a complete shift of focus. But by making the shift now, you will find that you will not only enjoy your business more but that you will be more profitable — because people are attracted and want to work with people who are happy and full of joy.

So how do you figure out what would bring you joy and be profitable? Start by making a list of all of the jobs/careers you have had. Go back all the way to your first job and then make a list of tasks and duties that you totally enjoyed working on. Take a close look at your hobbies and your interests and see if you can connect with a way to build a business that has to do with that area of expertise.

If you are struggling with your WHY and would like some guidance, I’d love to have a conversation with you. You can contact me through my website below.

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