Survey/Research: Are you buying or selling stolen financial information?

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Are you buying or selling stolen financial information?

Do you have a few minutes to help us improve our understanding of success and failures of carders?

If so, please read on!

We researchers have by now a good understanding of the process of carding, the networking that happens on forums and online markets as well as how trust can be established between carders. You can read about these and more on the papers my team and I have published here.

There is however no consensus on the actual impact of carders. While some of the studies suggest that carders can earn several millions of dollars per year, others claim that most of them earn just a few hundred dollars during the same timespan. Overestimating the impact of carding can lead law-enforcement to be more proactive in their regulation of carders.

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We need your help and responses to gain a better understanding of the success and failures of carding. You can help by answering a short (10-15 minutes) online survey hosted on the Tor network. Our questions focus on carders’ general tools and activities to examine the real impact they have on incomes and profits generated by carding activities. The survey does not ask for any identifying information and therefore ensures that no link can be made between your answers and your identity or online profile. You are free to skip any question that you want or withdraw entirely from the survey at any point in time.

The survey can be found here : http://fopvitnzpm5jl4or.onion/

For any questions, or if you want to conduct the survey over encrypted chat, please contact Mathieu from our research team at:

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