Tax Lien Investing For Foreign Nationals

A lot of foreign investors are now looking into tax lien investing as a means to get into the American real estate business. These investors are convinced that this type of activity can gain a high yield of profits if done the right way. This is the reason why they partner with a property management companies for guidance and advice on such investment opportunity. Such partnership is crucial to the success of the venture.

Foreign nationals who want to own a US property or offer property rental is at a disadvantage. The first consideration is distance. A foreign investor cannot easily manage the property for a longer term due to visa limitations. The investor is most certain to be unfamiliar with the rules and regulations governing tax liens. This is where a property management consultant or company is most needed.

A Partnership That Will Make a Difference

Here are some guidelines when looking for a property management firm to partner with:

1. Find out what firms are operating within the location of the tax lien property.

Communication is vital for any partnership. The investor may not be physically available to manage the property thus it is vital for the partner firm to be at close proximity with the property. The firm should be able to be in touch with the tenant and be able to transmit any messages from the investor to the tenant and vice versa.

2. Check on the communication facilities and responsiveness of the firm.

The foreign investor should also check on the availability of the firm considering that there will be different time zones. Will the firm be able to respond to emails or phone calls immediately or will there be a time delay?

3. What services are provided by these firms? List them down to be clear on who offers what type of service.

The property management firm should be able to provide services that will have the security and protection of the foreign investor. Do they have experience in dealing with foreigners? Check on the details of each service to be sure that the best firm is chosen. What is the track record when it comes to tax liens?

4. What are the costs involved. Make a comparison of charges or rates.

There should be synergy of scales to allow the investor to negotiate charges or rates against the volume of partnership that is offered. The more properties to be managed, the lower the service rates should be.

The Big Advantage

The guide given will surely help foreign nationals to decide which property management firm to partner with when it comes to tax liens advising and management. The more experienced the partner is then it is more advantageous for the investor.

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