The Best Way To Sell Your House In The Current Market

There is always fluctuations from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. You would, of course, like it if the market was always in your favor but you will find that life dictates when you sell a house more then what the current market is doing at the time. So if you are like most American’s that are looking to sell right now you are selling due to life circumstances which means you have found yourself selling during a buyer’s market. In this type of market there are a large number of homes for sales and not enough people to buy them. The good news is that even in this type of market homes will still always sell. In this article we will talk about some home selling tips that can help you sell your house no matter what the market is like.

Market Your Neighborhood Too

A home is not an island that you are selling to a buyer. Even a rural home has the landscape that surrounds it as a potential way to attract buyers. A buyer will most definitely look at your home in context to its area, so go ahead and show off why your neighborhood would be the perfect place to live and your home is the perfect piece of property in the area. You can do this by providing a list to what you love of your neighborhood and leaving it on the kitchen counter for prospective buyers to see. Is your home within walking distance to a great park, greenway, or some other community amenity? Is your home within a great school district? Add what you love to the list.

Open up your Showing Times

Restrictive times may be easier on your schedule, but allow for some flexibility when it comes to showing off your home. Talk with your real estate agent in order to have some flexible showing times in place, but give them a way to easily contact you in case a last minute buyer wants to see the house. Remember, more show times means more chances for the right buyer to walk through your doors and make you an offer. You may feel slightly annoyed at being given two hour’s notice to tidy the house before you dash out the door, but if that results in the right sale, it would be worth it. What is also worth it is allowing your agent to use a lockbox in order to show your property. This minimizes the stress and complexity of an agent showing up at your doorstep and having to reschedule a showing because they cannot get into the door.

Have you Staged your home?

You have probably seen this word multiple times already as you look for marketing ideas to sell your house, but there are so many houses out there that lack interior and curb appeal. If your home looks like a shoddy foreclosure, then that is what is going to sell like. On the other hand, homes that are move in ready command a greater price and a faster sale. Thus, make it easier on the buyer to find your home attractive by accentuating what is most appealing about the home itself. Does it have a large backyard? Make sure it is properly mowed and cut so that the buyer can see its expanse. Does the home have a narrow hallway? Make it seem bigger with mirrors on either side or by redoing the lighting.

Did Your Price Your Home Right

Even if you have priced your home right initially you want to double check and make sure that it reflects the real estate market conditions of your home. If your home has been on the market for awhile you might want to recheck your comparable listings to make sure your price is still reflective of the current market. If you find that the homes have all gone down in value you will have to cut your price accordingly to mirror the current market conditions.

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