The Laws of Wealth Are For Anyone – Part IV

We have looked at 3 different aspects to the Laws of Wealth. These laws work for everyone who will apply them and they can turn a mediocre life into one that has more success than anyone could have dreamed possible.

I want to pick up on the 4th law which is one where people have the greatest amount of control and yet so few take advantage of it; Invest heavily in yourself. Gain skills and knowledge that will propel your financial life to new levels.

Regardless of what vehicles you choose to drive your wealth upwards, you will need specialized knowledge in order to get there. Let me offer you some real life examples of how I have applied this principle to my own life.

Back in my 20’s I wanted to purchase a house to live in. I was looking for a job and a friend suggested I get into mortgage lending. I got hires to work as a loan officer for a mortgage company. I worked in this field for 4 years and helped many people purchase their own home. When I was ready I put in an offer with one of the real estate agents I worked with and had a deal on my own house.

That deal proved to be very stressful. Me and my wife both worked, had good jobs and qualified for financing (which I knew because I was a loan officer). But the lender kept giving us delays. These delays stretched into 4 months which is unheard of in a traditional purchase.

The sellers of the house got so fed up they put the house back on the market and refused to give us an extension. I went to the lender and had a knock down drag out fight over the reasons it was taking them so long to fund. Then I went to the sellers and told them the house was mine and they could take the sign down. They were irate but I told them I had worked too hard for this house to just let the deal fail.

We did close. It was my specialized knowledge in how mortgage financing worked that helped me to prevail. I didn’t know when I took the job I would need to go through what I did but I was happy I had the skills to make it so.

Get the knowledge you need to do the investing you want to. It will equip you to both acquire and face obstacles that will come as a result of you being in the world of investing.

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