The Process Of Installing IT Access Flooring In Your Server Room

When it comes to your IT room floor, you need to make sure that it is safe and reliable. For most people, this means simply shifting the cable to one end of the room as opposed to having everything in the middle of the floor. While this may be a viable solution for rooms that do not have too many cables in them, once your IT room starts to grow, your technicians will find that it becomes more difficult to conduct the necessary repairs and maintenance on your cables. Maintaining your server equipment is of course paramount to any business, because unchecked equipment can result in your servers crashing. Being offline is not very profitable in this day and age.

Why install an access floor

At this point you may be realising just how unsafe your IT room floor is, filled with all the cables. The good news is that there is a way to make sure that your IT room floor never attacks the people who are trying to run maintenance that is all important. The solution comes in the form of an access floor. What is an access floor? An access floor is a floor that can be built on top of another floor, so that the floor underneath can have as many cables or goods on it, without affecting everyone else.

The access floor itself is comprised of floor planks, pedestals and stringers. These all work together to hold the floor planks off the original floor and make sure that people can operate on the floor above. The great thing about an access floor is the fact that it allows for operation and maintenance of the floor that is beneath it. This means that you can lift up the floor planks, one by one, and target a specific cable for repair only. This feature makes the floor ideal to have in an office environment where disruptions should be kept at a minimum.

When it comes to safety, there is nothing more convenient. Access raised flooring is not only useful in server and computer rooms, it can be used in places such as school computer rooms, where there are bound to be cables everywhere, it can also be used in hospitals where there is a high concentration of medical cables and equipment. No matter what environment you work in, there will be a place for your access floor.

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