Think Long Term For Profit Making in Investment


Investment that will last does not always take the posture of a 100m dash race but a marathon, this means that you are ready from day 1 to stay in the Investment for as long as necessary to ensure profit. The essence of being in it for a long time is often necessary, through this you will learn and gain mastery as one of the most competent in your field and that is the only way to get over temporary failure, market manipulation and error as a result of shortage of information or experience.

More so, profits in Investment ventures are rarely found on the surface – staying in longer gives you time enough to unravel the mystery/trick that makes the newbie to lose their investment, therefore always be ready to stay longer in whatever Investment choice you intend to build.

Watch out on the category of successful Investment owners – they all had long-term vision of staying on. Many of such have their hand on an Investment system that occupied them even beyond their life time. Think of Warren Buffet and George Soros are just a handful examples; so even Bill Gates – one of the richest of our time are not shifting from Investment to Investment; nor can you see them in the gambling lots of day-traders. If the best of them are not there you should not be there either. Why do you think your case will be different if they cannot manipulate the market though their huge capital to make a killing in a day? Beware.

If you are serious about building a profitable Investment take this warning – there is no quick Investment or an overnight millionaire. If you find riches that grow fast, often it suppose that behind it is someone that has labored and failed many time unanimously until he made his hit because he is a prepared hand. 
For emphasis sake be focused on long-term vision for your Investment. See, both short-term wins and losses has been found to be nothing at all except when matched with growing knowledge and experience. Here is an illustration to help:

Jim made an overwhelming fortune as he starts out in his Investment. This over blew his confidence out of proportion that he borrowed large sum of money which he pumped further into his new Investment. Suddenly, the market changed Jim could not manage the change – he lost everything and went into big debt he hardly recovered from.

Akin on the other hand made series of losses at his start-off. But because of his long-term vision of a great Investment he counted his earlier losses as investment lesson and worthwhile education – learning from his mistake. Not too long, he learnt all he need and profit began to trickle in and in no distant time he became very successful indeed.

The lesson here is that we should learn from both our earlier wins and losses all in the interest of a long-term win, let us always keep records of why and what made for the earlier losses and wins.

As much as it is appropriate to adopt a long-term vision for profitable Investment in real estates and the likes, so it is likewise expedient in the investment world of stock, bond and Forex.

In the investment world like stock, Forex, bond etc. it is the long-term investors that often make money. It was found that day traders are usually the losers and constitute more of the newbie,

Note: the longer the time frame or trend you are considering making your investment decision, the better for you. Do not intend an overnight killing in the investment and Investment world; else you will be slaughtered!

Reflection: think long-term, decide on long term and you would have separated yourself from the average losers in the market place. It is time to build a profitable Investment system.

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