Tips for Moving Your Office Space to a New Business Center

It can be intimidating to find office space in a business center, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as you put some effort into planning and talk to an experienced commercial real estate broker, you will probably find that the process is much easier than you think.

Putting Together a Plan

If you run a larger company, you should start the planning process one year to 18 months before you want to move. You should plan ahead 6-8 months if you have a smaller company. Whatever your business’s size, however, you need to get a thorough understanding of what your needs are versus what your wants are. This can be more of a time-consuming process than you may think, so get as early a start as possible.

Think about what works and doesn’t work in your current space before you start looking at what’s available in a business center. During your present lease, for example, many things may have changed in your office – an area that may have provided plenty of room at the start of the lease may have become crowded near the end. Make sure you allow for continued expansion, if that’s what you expect to occur. You have to be realistic, of course, or you may wind up spending far too much money for square footage you’ll never use.

Get Some Help

Companies of all sizes could benefit from having the help of a commercial real estate expert who understands not just workflow but also any governmental regulations that may apply regarding the layout of your space. For instance, if you fail to provide enough space between cubicles to accommodate a wheelchair, it may present big problems down the road. There are other interior design and code issues you may not have considered, but an expert will be very familiar with them.

It can also benefit you to find an expert because he or she will know how to negotiate a lease for you. A broker will work as an advocate on your behalf, not only knowing what is available in the market but also how to find you the best possible deal. He or she may be aware of tenants whose leases are expiring in offices that would be perfect for your company.

If you’re looking to find available square footage in a business center, remember that the best deal does not necessarily mean the lowest price. Reducing prices could mean losing amenities, security services, and regular property maintenance. Leave the searching to a professional and you’ll have a much better chance of finding exactly what you want.

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