Unemployment Protection Insurance – Prepare Yourself From Any Recession in Future!

Imagine the traumas and crises that come with unemployment. Don’t you want to avoid it? Be it recession or any financial crisis, you must be prepared to tide over such a situation. You should have a protection plan to safe guard you against any inevitable incident in future. How do you do this?

ILO had predicted an increase in global unemployment for the year 2009. It was predicted to be 40 million unemployed. In such a situation, the only way to protect your income is to have an insurance in place. It is inevitable to avoid a loss of job but it is easy to be prepared to combat such a situation in future. Unemployment protection insurance will not only protect your loan payments but also your regular income flow. Do not put your regular income at jeopardy, you can make use of a protective shield again any economic down turn. Redundancy Insurance cover offers supplemental income in times of redundancy, loss of job, accident or illness.

Unemployment Protection insurance offers protection against:

Your Monthly income (this is usually 50% – 70%)

Your mortgage loan’s equated monthly installment is paid

Household expenses

Other loan repayments, debt payment or credit card payment.

What you would have other wise got paid through your salary account will be paid through an insurance company in a crisis situation such as job loss, sickness or accident. It gives you enough time to find another job and get back your financial stability. It usually pays out for a duration of 12 months. This way you can safeguard your interests and also that of your families. With this, your basic needs are met, you can pay your child’s education fees, meet your parent’s medical expenses. In addition to these expenses, certain monthly bills that you need to pay every month such as credit card payments, loan or mortgage payments, debt payments. Seek adequate protection in times of a financial crisis!

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