Usual Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Using Hydraulic Lifting Equipment And Gears

Lifting equipment and gears are staples in all industrial areas, warehouses, manufacturing and distribution plants and other businesses. These equipment and gears are for used for lifting, lowering and handling loads that workers cannot manually do themselves or are dangerous for them to handle. As such, all these equipment and machineries are quite important to have and use for all operations in such industries or sectors to go efficiently and smoothly.

Using such equipment and gears correctly and safely are not easy tasks, though. Operators will tend to make mistakes and errors and even the business owner or manager is prone to committing some blunders as well. Below are some of the common mistakes everyone involved in handling hydraulic equipment and gears need to avoid or prevent from making or occurring:

Having untrained and non-experienced operators handle the hydraulic equipment or gear. Make sure the operators or the employees who will regularly handle the lifting equipment are all properly trained and knowledgeable. Because these particular kinds of equipment are quite expensive, you don’t want them breaking down or getting damaged even before you have fully maximized their uses. As such, make sure all the operators are fully trained, have experience in, and very proficient in handling such machineries and gears. You also need to make sure that no accidents will happen because of the incompetence of the operators so they really need to be properly trained and be very capable and competent.

Overusing the equipment or using them for straight hours without letting them rest a bit. The equipment’s hydraulic components can be seriously damaged when it reaches high levels of temperature if it is overused. Letting the hydraulic lifting equipment run too hot can also have a negative effect the viscosity of its internal system.

Letting the equipment run on degraded oil. When the equipment is running on “spent” oil, its hydraulic system will be greatly compromised because of the presence of impurities. As such, there is a need to remove and change the oil regularly. If no one in the company knows how to perform this task competently, hire a tradesman who is capable and trained in carrying out such an important job.

Failure to regularly change dirty filters. Old and worn filters will have a negative effect on the equipment’s hydraulics system as well. Overused filters will not be able to prevent the entry of foreign particles or objects into the system and they can clog the internal components. Again, if no one in the staff is also capable of changing the hydraulic equipment’s filters, hire the services of an expert.

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