Various Repairs That Are Costly To Make

Homes for sale that are in need of repair can be seen as an attractive feature to some home buyers. Home buyers that are not afraid to do their own repair work know that such houses are less expensive than move in ready comparable homes, and buyers can use the money saved to make repairs that suit their personal tastes. However, there is a difference between a home needing a few fixtures replaced and a home needing the entire roof redone.

Here is a list of what repairs can be the most expensive for home buyers to complete, so that you are more knowledgeable when conducting your real estate search:

Sub-Floor Repairs

This can certainly be a problem in older or damaged homes, and can be an expensive repair. When you place a glass of water on the floor, does the water slosh around when you walk a few feet away? If you place a level on the ground, is the floor even? Uneven flooring and unstable ground floors can mean that the home needs to be re-stumped. It is difficult for a home buyer to see the state of the stumps within the subfloors of the house during a showing since they should be kept out of sight. During a home inspection, inspectors can check the subfloors to make sure the stumps have been built properly. In shabby houses, there have been instances in which wooden props have been used to stabilize the flooring above or stumps have eroded through water damage or pest problems.

Pest And Critters

Termite damage can be one of the most expensive things to repair, and most people selling a home with termite damage will sell a home as is before they try to fix it. To try and help sell the house people will stage furniture to try and hide some of the damaged areas so the prospective buyer doesn’t see it. Maybe they bar or bold the door leading to either the attic or sub-floor. Maybe an entire room is blocked by the seller and they tell you that you can’t go in there because of some reason that they mack up. The good news is that in the US it is mandatory, in most areas, that the person selling the home has to disclose this information to someone looking to buy.

Plumbing Problems

This is another hidden problem that a buyer can overlook. Older homes may have rusted pipes or the water pressure may be too low, and only a licensed plumber has the know how to fix these issues. However, a wary homebuyer can conduct a small test of his own by turning on several faucets at once to check whether the water pressure is low in any one area of the home. Moreover, checking each faucet enables you to tell whether there may be a leak into the pipe or erosion of the pipe itself if the water running out is discolored in any way.

Moisture Intrusion

If you have mold growth, or damp walls, these are major issues and should be avoided. Building materials like stone or brick are porous and can sometimes hide moisture in them which becomes a breeding ground for mold and fungus. Be on the lookout for any type of water, or flood, damage that you can see in the walls when you are looking at any home.

Do a home inspection

In the end if you are serious about buying a home that is being sold as is then you want to pay to have a home inspection done. A licensed home inspector will have the ability to check the things that you are either unable, or don’t know about, in the home and give you what kind of cost you would incur to get everything fixed right. Do not get caught buying a home only to find out that you have the added cost of repair that turns your dream home into a nightmare.

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