What Are Some Ways To Spot A Bad Real Estate Agent?

If you are looking for help with buying or selling your home most people turn to a real estate agent. While they aren’t required to buy or sell a home they are very beneficial to the process and can help you with each step along the way. Sadly you will also sometimes end up paying a very large real estate commission fee for very bad service and a poor real estate agent. Continue reading to learn how you can spot a sorry real estate agent that is just going through the motions of trying to sell your home.

Poor Communication Skills

Every real estate agent has his own personal method of conducting business with his clients. They may prefer email over phone calls, phone calls, over texting or can only return your messages at certain times of the day. However, as a client, they should not ignore or disregard your messages altogether. Being in a service business, it is extremely important for the agent and the client to keep communication lines open. This makes it easier to conduct showings, set up appointments, and go over details before both parties are under a time crunch. However, there are agents out there who will only answer messages during a very specific window of the day or they may not even get back to you for weeks at a time. Some agents may only have you sign the listing agreement, post the yard sign, and you do not even notice them for several weeks until a buyer inquires for a showing.

If your agent is not returning calls or emails, then you may want to consider a different agent.

Does not Advise You on the Home Sale Process

There is a lot of information out there about how to best conduct a home sale, but if you have hired a real estate agent, your major source of information should be the agent. An agent should be telling you what you can do to make your house more marketable such as what repairs will need fixing, what designs are hot in today’s market, and who to contact about certain problems. If your agent does not give you such advice, then you are not being given valuable information to make your home stand out amongst buyers.

Adamant About Their Contacts

A real estate agent is a great source of information on who to contact about getting things done on your home. That being said, you should never feel obligated to use any specific person that your agent suggest to you. As the homeowner you should always be free to use whoever you please when it is outside of the agents direct area of expertise. If you find that your agent is pushing you very strongly towards any one vendor you can almost be certain that they are doing that because they receive a referral fee for sending business to that vendor.

How do I find the proper real estate agent for me?

There are a couple of steps that you can take to find the right agent for you. First you should start by thinking of it as you are trying to find an employee for your business. Have interviews with multiple agents and ask things like their years of experience with your neighborhood, their current and average workloads, how they would market your home, and what type of references they have. You should also check with the Association Of Real Estate License Law Officials which is great if you are trying to find out how oversees the real estate industry in your specific area. Once you have that you will be able to inquire about whether the agent has any disciplinary actions filed against them and if so what it is in reference to.

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