What Is a Pneumatic Valve? What Is Pneumatic Equipment?

We rely on machinery and other equipment on a day to day basis. What we do not know is necessarily how they all work. Have you ever wondered what a pneumatic valve is? And what type of equipment is pneumatic. If you do not know then you are about to find out.

What is a pneumatic valve? This may not be a question that is regularly asked, but it is certainly a question that needs to be answered. A pneumatic valve is one of the components that is responsible for controlling the pressure, rate and amount of air that is moved through a pneumatic system. A pneumatic system is used in machinery and other equipment to move and compress the air that is responsible for running the motor. The pneumatic system is found in machinery that is extremely important in certain fields like mining.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that uses the pneumatic system is a hoist. These hoist systems are still used today in the mining industry and are extremely important. Hoist systems basically help to decrease the amount of pressure used to transport the item, making it feel lighter than what it actually is. These systems are used in order to hoist the heavy loads up from the mines and to the surface, the hoist equipment is similar to that of a pulley. The pneumatic system was not always used in hoist systems and there are two other types that were common before the pneumatic system:

· Manually: originally there was absolutely no access to electricity and the only way to make the hoist system work was with manual labour. This included using both animals and humans to hoist the loads. These hoist systems are responsible for constructing some of the ancient buildings that are still around today.

· Electric: quite simply this hoist system used electricity to work. Using electricity helped to make the work go much faster, and it was easy as pushing a button and watching as the machine did the rest of the hard work.

Then the pneumatic system was introduced. This system is the one that is chosen offer the other two. This is due to the fact that it does not require as much energy to function as electricity does. Due to the design and the way in which the pneumatic valves are able to compress the air, it makes the machine run at a faster pace, without using a lot of energy. This is why it is the hoist system of choice in many industries.

Apart from the industrial industry you can also find pneumatic systems used in the following equipment:

· Air brakes: these brakes can be found in buses, trucks and trains

· Air engines: found in pneumatically powered vehicles

· Cable jetting: a way to install cables in ducts

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