What Is Included Within a Family Office List?

Within this article we discuss what is included within a typical family office list, if you are looking to build or get one of these resources this article will help you decide if it would be helpful to do so or not.

Here is what is typically included within a directory of family offices:

  • Physical mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Fax number
  • AUM (where possible)
  • Firm description
  • Primary contact name
  • Primary contact title
  • Secondary contact name
  • Secondary contact title

The main purpose of obtaining such a resource is that it allows you to efficiently and effectively reach out to ultra high net worth wealth managers and firms which could provide you and your firm with a potentially large amount of capital.

Our #1 tip in using such a resource is that you take a one-to-one relationship approach at all times. Never spam the entire list, never send out automated messages, and always get to know the individual FO very well before approaching them. Most of these firms are approached so often that they ignore even personalized messages so if you want to have any real chance of developing long-term relationships in this niche you have to invest your own time for the long-term and act in ways which show the other business party involved that you are committed to working with them long-term.

I hope this article helps detail exactly what to expect within a family office list so that you can determine if they would be a helpful resource for your business or not.

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