What Is Wealth?

The subject of wealth is deep and fraud with misperceptions. Being able to answer this question is key to defining not only our financial security but our happiness as human beings. The many misunderstandings regarding wealth creation have always led sooner or later to the destruction of wealth throughout history. The biggest misconception is that we measure wealth, creating wealth and ultimately maintaining wealth by external indicators first and foremost instead of measuring it from within ourselves.

Fact is: Wealth flows first from within and only then manifests itself on the outside.

Market analysts define the meaning of wealth in terms of indicators and trends of asset classes The profitability of a business and the number of businesses, houses, cars an individual has is seen as a measure of wealth.

These models assume absolutes, yet wealth is not absolute.

Our beliefs alone define wealth, its creation and maintaining it. Alas, beliefs change and evolve and are definitely not absolute.

Major shifts in perception are never limited to one or two asset classes. They permeate the entire structure of wealth perception and creation which ultimately has always an evaluation of our core values at its roots. Yet most of us insist that external factors like the weather, wars etc. dictate and drive wealth creation, or the lack of it. Nothing could be further from the truth though.

Our reality flows exclusively from our belief structures and not from external factors. External manifestations of wealth like money, gold, property and other assets are simply the result of our internal belief systems and not the other way round. In other words: We create the meaning of wealth with our thinking. It is as plain simple as that.

If you can grasp this your entire paradigm will change. You will be able to tap into a sense of your own power and notice that this power is not dependent on outside circumstances, unless you allow it.

Beliefs and core values stay in place until they stop working. In major transition times people wake up to the fact that what was viewed as valid is of little or no consequence any more. In spiritual terms this is also referred to as awakening.

Presently money, as the measure of wealth, is being exposed for the illusion it has been for centuries.

If you study the history of money and how it has been manipulated over the centuries you begin to understand that wealth in terms of money in the present cycle cannot be measured as a valid wealth measure any longer. Presently greed and fraud regarding the manipulation of money are exposed almost every day and thus diminishing its value as more and more people stop believing in it.

In the final analysis the only reason that the monetary system is still operating is because people believe in its power.They believe that it is real when actually it is just make belief. If enough people believed in trading stones as a valuable means of exchange, amassing stones would be our new means of creating wealth.

Yet there is much more to the wealth issue because:

External wealth is always a measure of your internal wealth.

The decoupling of ourselves from the source of our existence, creation, God, the cosmos, call it what you like, has skewed our values and the meaning of wealth and overstretched the cyclical rubber band to breaking point.

This is a good thing as it is forcing an evolutionary shift of magnitude upon us which has been building for centuries.

Understand that the paradigm of external wealth creation is first and foremost a measure of how much you value and appreciate yourself at deep core level. If you are aware of yourself as a spiritual being you will also know that wealth is not something outside of yourself but resides inside you as your birthright and all you have to do is claim it. I will talk about how you can do this in another article.

It makes me happy to educate as many people as possible on the importance of creating true inner peace and happiness as the pre-requisite for creating lasting wealth.

Giving others the tools of success and joy and making beautiful environments are a way of life and source of great happiness to me. They also contribute to creating wealth in my personal universe.

Wealth is ultimately about what you value and enjoy most in this life. A major paradigm shift is upon us, as more people are beginning to see the truth of this statement. This major shift in how we see ourselves and value ourselves must change our definition of external wealth in due course. It cannot be any other way.

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