What to Check Before You Buy an Angel Investor Database

There are several aspects you should consider before purchasing an angel investor database.  In this article, I will identify some of the key aspects to think about before buying an angel investor directory. 

  • Cost:  This is probably the most important consideration, especially if you are a small business or entrepreneur.  Sole proprietors and small businesses are often particularly cost-conscious.  So, this may be the first thing you look for in an angel directory.  If this is the case, give the most weight to this aspect because you don’t want to overpay.  Most databases provide you with the cost up front, if it is hidden or in a complicated payment structure it is probably not a trustworthy directory and not worth your investment.
  • Organization that created the directory:  You should consider who created the directory.  If it is a company with no experience in working with the private equity asset class–whether it is private equity, venture capital or angel investing–then you should be extra stringent in examining the quality of the database before hand.
  • Can you get a sample?  Some database providers will not provide a sample of the listings.  I find this highly suspicious and would not work with a company that did not let the client see what he or she is getting.  This is often a big purchase for a small company and I always treat it as such, so why not show the firm what it is getting in the directory?  Usually a firm that does not show sample listings is trying to hide the quality of the directory or the format.

Hopefully these tips make it easier for you to purchase an angel investor directory and most importantly, to be happy with that purchase.

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