What to Do After You Buy an Angel Investor Directory

Purchasing an angel investor directory is only the first step in raising capital for your company or business idea.  This article give you ideas for What to Do After You Buy an Angel Investor Directory.  If you have bought an angel investor directory, congratulations, you have made an investment in reaching your capital raising goal.  Here are some tips for what to do next after buying the directory:

  • Find your top prospects: Which of these investors are the most likely to yield results?  Narrow your search by AUM, location, preferred area of investment, average size of investment, whether it is a group of investors or individual investor and the position of the contact, etc.  This should narrow your search so it is not overwhelming and so you can target your prospects and appeal directly to them rather than sending out mass communications or exhausting yourself with hundreds of contacts. 
  • Develop a strategy for those targets:  Mass communicating rarely yields great results with potential investors.  These angels want to know that you have researched them and want to work specifically with them, not just anyone with money.  It is a partnership and they want a serious partner interested in all that the angel has to contribute to the business. 
  • Craft your pitch: You should work extensively on putting together a great pitch to deliver to a group of angels or an individual capital source.  This is an essential part of reaching an angel so make sure your speech is engaging while informative.  You want to give real information on your business without boring your audience with too many details.  Use the information you find about the angel through the database to determine what the best pitch would be.

These three ideas should take up a lot of your time in the coming weeks after you’ve purchased a database.

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