Why People Are Getting Apps Developed, And Why You Probably Should Too

There seems to be two mindsets when it comes to people who want to develop apps:

Person A Just wants to develop a bunch of apps to create an extra income of $500-$1,000 per week.

Person B Is willing to splash out $30,000-$50,000 and 6 months development time to develop an insane iOS game with the intentions of making $5,000,000+ in 6 months.

And let me start off by saying, both are very possible. People do it ALL THE TIME! But here’s the thing: You have to decide who you want to be? A… or B?

Some people don’t have the $30,000-$50,000 that it takes to develop a really awesome app and so they have to think like person A… and that’s okay.

Others believe that ‘the-days-of-yore’ where you could develop an app and make millions are over. And so they settle for the next best thing, which is a $500-$1,000 a week income.

Truth be told, there are still people out there making squillions from mobile apps, especially games. And they are living the dream!

And as soon as an app takes off, it takes an entire team of professional mobile app developers just to ensure the app keeps doing well in terms of downloads and in app purchases, etc.

It requires listening to feedback, marketing (heavily), innovating and fleshing out and talking about ideas for future apps…

Your right, that does sound like fun, and it is!… for the most of it. And the best thing is: You can do it from almost ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

I have a client who’s on an arbitrary holiday in Vietnam at the moment. He communicates with me via Skype on the irregular basis. And another client who is about to go to Europe for 3 months, just because… I think that’s a pretty great reason, don’t you?

There is a mixture of reasons why people employ us as their mobile app developer. Mainly, because it gives them so much more time, money and flexibility to live the lives that they always wanted to live. And I think also partly because they know we just love doing it!

So, “why are people getting mobile apps developed?” Take a deep breath, and quietly ask yourself, what would you do with all that extra time and money at your disposal? Where would you be and how would you feel?

Now do you understand? It’s not just the lifestyle, the money, the adventures.

It’s more than that. It’s the feeling of being right at the head of something huge.

For the first time ever, this opportunity exists, but only to a brave few.

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