Why Should Anyone Learn About Investing?

Why should anyone learn about investing? This is a question often heard – and one that’s usually asked by people who have not yet invested beyond having a savings account – they have not yet acquired a wealth wisdom mindset. It’s common too for people to feel defensive about the fact that they aren’t investing, especially when we often hear ‘experts’ say that you’re not smart if you don’t! The fact is however, that there are plenty of reasons why it IS a good idea to learn about investing. And, yes, one of the main ideas behind investing, early and often, is that it could be creating the money that you live off when you retire.

Here’s why:

Most people these days will not be able to survive their post-retirement years on government pensions or the proceeds of their superannuation plans. And it’s not enough to cross your fingers in the hope that someone else can take care of you when you can no longer earn an income.

Aside from the doom and gloom warnings, there are other great, positive, reasons to invest. 

  • Investing is the best way to build wealth. In fact, in many ways it is the only way to build wealth.
  • Earning money is the first step to building wealth, but it won’t become wealth if you just spend it all and invest none of it.
  • When you spend money you never see it again.
  • When you invest money, it doesn’t go anywhere, and in time it will begin to make more and more money for you.

Wealth-owning assets produce money – just like receiving income from a job. Investing is all about finding and identifying assets and purchasing them – and thus building your wealth. This, in turn, reduces the amount of paid employment you need to pursue, before having enough to retire and enjoy a more rewarding, relaxing lifestyle. Acquiring wealth wisdom gives you the tools needed to increase your standard of living. Learning to invest wisely can be very fulfilling and empowering – regardless of the amount you have to invest – certainly giving more long-term gratification than spending it.

When you earn money, you have a choice: Do you want to see it go, or do you want to see it grow? When you learn about investing from a qualified expert, you are backing yourself to make the right decisions to secure your future.

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