Your Access Flooring: When Is It Time To Perform Maintenance?

There is nothing more convenient than having an access floor. It means that all of your unnecessary cables and equipment can be kept out of sight, which means that not only are they safe, but your employees are also protected from any unwanted contact or injury. Access floors are most commonly used in server rooms, due to the high volume of dangerous cables in the space. These floors are great, but like any other floor, they need to be maintained well, or else they will start to malfunction and that is not the result that you want from an access floor.

Access floors have normal finishes on top, depending on what you need. There are carpet tiles, wood and tiled finishes, so you will have the pick of your choice when it comes to that. Once you access floor is installed you will have to clean these finishes like normal floors, however be careful to not saturate the floors in water. in terms of cleaning maintenance, these floors can be cleaned at least once a week, to make sure that unnecessary dust and dirt does not filter through to the equipment at the bottom.

Deep cleansing methods

In order to properly care for your access flooring, you need to be aware of how they work and what they are made up of. In general, the access floors within your server room are made up of three parts. These parts include a pedestal, a stringer and the planks. The pedestals are linked together by the stringers and the planks are placed on top of the pedestals. When the floor gets taken apart, you need to make sure that all of the parts are cleaned. You need to clean inside each of the pedestal points and then make sure that the stringers are cleaned as well. If there is any grease or build-up of dust in them, they must be treated with a damp cloth, not a wet one. The undersides of the planks can be vacuum treated and then assembled again.

This type of maintenance needs to be done every six months, as it is quite a lengthy procedure and can cause quite a lot of disruption. The maintenance is however very important, since all the parts are metal. The fact that the parts are metal also means that you cannot clean them with water like normal floors, as rust can set in.

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