5 Ways Aircraft Wire And Cable Can Save Your Life As A Passenger

Whether you’re a nervous flyer or not, it’s not easy to get on an aircraft after listening to negative news.

News reports never ease the minds of passengers.

Yes, even if you work on aircraft all day.

Whether you’ve heard about landing gear collapsing or an engine fire, these frightening incidents can make anyone hesitant to fly.

Most of us never sit down to think how aircraft wire and cable can play a critical role to flight safety, for better or worse.

So, why the need for aircraft wire and cable?

Today airlines have miles of aircraft wire and cable used to run almost everything from the plane’s fuel tank, to personal gadgets.

We all know how crazy you become without your iPhone glued to your hip… me too!

If an aircraft malfunctions, electrical failure may be one of the primary suspects.

Modern airplanes rely heavily on the electrical systems. Aircraft wire and cable play important roles for passengers’ safety and airlines’ ongoing dependability:

uses of wire and cable.jpg

Ensures electrical safety 
Wire and cable keeps electricity intact and where it should be. If the insulation is cracked, the electricity will spark and POOF, a fire. Wiring and cable ensures electrical safety with the proper cable connectors and jacketing, circuit breakers, heat-trace and leak-trace cable and stand-off insulators and tubing.

Prevents explosion 
All the structural joints and wires are specially designed to prevent sparks and fire. Poor wiring can cause tiny sparks and an explosion in the airplane’s fuel system.

Ensures a smooth ride 
Bad wiring can create problems such as, weak sparks or no sparks in the airplane’s cylinders. This makes the airplane run rough and will affect the travel time and comfortability for the passengers.

Protects you from fire and dangerous fumes 
Substandard wiring can cause unburned fuel to pass into the aircraft’s exhaust system causing fuel leak, arching plug wire, and a fire!

Many fire deaths are caused by smoke inhalation. The synthetic materials commonly found in today’s airplanes produce particularly dangerous substances. As a fire grows inside the plane, it consumes the oxygen available in the atmosphere to slow down the combustion process. This process causes toxic gases. No matter how small the fire is, smoke inhalation poses serious health risks.

Keeps you “grounded” 
Aircraft wires are designed to send information, which helps the pilot communicate with the Flight Service Stations, especially during emergency landings. The pilot can also send emergency messages to collaborators on ground as needed.

We don’t want any passenger or airline crew to fly in a white knuckle manner.

That’s why we offer the finest wire and cable from the world’s leading manufacturers to guarantee you a safe and smooth ride.

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