Quotes For Unemployment Protection – Put Your Redundancy Problems at Bay!

Why do you require unemployment protection cover? 
The answer is simple, if you were to become redundant due to some unavoidable circumstances such as a sudden loss of job, accident or illness there is a need to cover up your living expenses. Unemployment protection cover ensures that you receive your monthly income despite of losing your job or are unable to work.

You can’t immediately claim your insurance amount soon after you lose your job. It takes at least 30 to 90 days of unemployment to make a claim. Some policies lets you make a claim after 30 days and you can avail of a monthly amount till you find a job or get well and resume back to work. Your insurance cover will provide added financial security in times of your financial hardship. Try and avoid getting into any kind of mortgage arrears. With this, you can also avoid any collateral repossession by the lender. Save yourself any embarrassment of court proceedings or collection calls by the lender.

Depending on the insurance provider you choose, you get your quotes for unemployment protection. You can either choose your existing insurance provider to avail of any discounts for an added insurance policy or opt for another insurance provider. Your insurance quotes can get better with proper comparison. Find the best quote and get suitable insurance coverage to cover up your bills in times of unemployment. Your income protection insurance cover would start somewhere between days 30 and 90 of unemployment.

While choosing an income protection cover also consider the terms of the insurance policy. Some insurance providers may allow you to make a claim after 30 days while others consider a claim after 90 days of unemployment. You may be paid full amount of your salary or 50% of your monthly income. Choose the one which offers greater benefits in case of redundancy. Also consider if any pre-existing medical condition is taken into account. Some may pay out for a maximum of 12 months and it is up to £2000 maximum amount per month while others pay till you get back to work or find a job. If you are made redundant these policies pay a defined monthly benefit. Each unemployment insurance provider pays a different maximum amount per month. Therefore, it is essential to find out what your insurance provider offers you. It is better to opt for an insurance provider who offers you an insurance coverage from your first day of unemployment.

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