Sitting in Front of the Computer Is Destroying Your Health

So we all know that sitting in front of the computer is bad for the health. However, we never look at the specifics of such activities and exactly how they have a toll on our health. Let’s have a look at some of the ways that the simple activity of browsing web pages can destroy your health overtime and how you can counteract this with an adjustable computer keyboard stand or an ergonomic standing desk stool.

The Overview

If you’ve ever had a 9-5 office job, you know how quickly you start gaining weight after a few days. Don’t worry, this isn’t an isolated case. It happens with everyone due to the unfortunate reality of how our body works. Let’s take a look:

Metabolic Rate

When we’re sitting down, the electrical impulses within our CNS start to slow down, but just by a small margin. However, the metabolic rate drops down to just one calorie per minute. That’s about 33% of what the usual metabolic burning rate is, so the fat burning properties in our body also slow down. If you’re unaware of the calorie intake’s effect on weight, then think about this; that healthy salad that you ordered for lunch had more than 300 calories. In order to diminish the effect that the salad will have, you’ll be spending 300 minutes sitting down. That’s about 5 hours, and it is highly unlikely that you’ll not be having any meals in between the 5 hour period, further accumulating your calorie count.

Your Posture

Now let’s move on to the more obvious side effect of sitting in front of the computer without adequate support. When you type on a regular keyboard, this is how your posture is affected:

Though the image does show how you can retain a good posture, do you really feel you’d be able to take care of specifics such as the center of mass of your body while in between coding marathons or World of War Craft sudden death matches. This is where an ergonomic standing desk stool comes in.

How an Adjustable Stool Can Counteract a Bad Posture

By keeping your line of sight in conjunction with the screen, you’d not have to bend or move forward. Usually with a nonadjustable stool, you’d be bending forward, which means you won’t be keeping your neck and spine straight. With an adjustable desk stool however, you can easily adjust your height above ground accordingly. Same goes for an adjustable computer keyboard stand. Though this solution may seem relatively simple, they are the key tools that contribute to a proper posture.

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