Why Your Lift Must Have A Lift Inverter

A couple of years ago, at a mall in the Central suburbs of Mumbai, around 18 people, including women and kids had to spend 2 hours in the lift… In another incident, one of the senior officers was forced to spend his weekend in the lift! These incidents are not far and few; rather, these are more common than you’d like to believe… Some of these have dire consequences… and those getting stuck in the lifts do have to pay a heavy price! These fateful incidences took place because these buildings did not have a power back up system!

But,there’s more to it… When such incidences happen, the property owner, managers and those in charge of building safety and security are also questioned by the authority!

The reason why these people and others have to suffer is because power outage in India is quite common… The incidents mentioned above are from Mumbai, where there’s rarely a power cut, yet people had to suffer…

Consider this, in most part of the country, a power outage of 2 to 8 hours is quite common. Can you imagine the plight of those who have to climb high storey buildings daily? What do people do when the lift suddenly halts because of power failure? Wait till the power gets restored after uncertain period? Well, there’s actually a better option that’s easy, convenient and affordable and most importantly, it saves people from the hardships and discomfort and also saves the man hours that are lost because of the power failures!

The solution is a lift inverter! Every building; whether commercial or residential, must have a lift inverter.

The primary concern for any commercial buildings such as malls, theatres or office buildings is to have continuous operation and ensure their reputation as being a safe destination for their visitors. If the operations of their buildings get hampered due to frequent power failures as is the norm in majority parts of our nation, or if their visitors get stuck in their lifts, then their reputation will be affected. It also results in reduction in productivity.

Therefore, just as a commercial building would have a generator for smooth operation, similarly they must have lift inverters to ensure continued operations and safety of their visitors. In case of emergency, the lift inverter automatically gets switched on and the lift moves on as normal.

Moreover, in areas where the power cuts are rampant, having a lift inverter becomes almost mandatory. Just imagine, if you or your visitors have to climb 7th or 10th floor daily, won’t it be inconvenient?

Lift invertors can be easily installed and accommodated in a small area. It takes just about 12 hours to charge the battery of the inverter to 90% capacity. It comes with fantastic inbuilt features such as output overload and short-circuit, output over voltage, input under and over voltage and works seamlessly even during the rush hours.

The inverters are easy to maintain. It gives great value for money. In short, the lift inverters are absolutely essential for every building, both commercial and residential!

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